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Remember in this network is strictly FORBIDDEN:

  • Spam: Sending irrelevant messages or in an attempt to promote something (room or website)
  • Flood: Sending large quantities of repeated (usually) messages.
  • Proxys: Insecure connection sources (Proxys/Wingates/SOCKS, etc)
  • Porn: Exhibition of images of pornographic character of any kind.
  • DoS: Denial of service or whatever illegal activity which attempt with stability of services
  • Insults: Respects and uses appropriate language with other users.

Let's together a better community. If you detect any activity which break these terms you can report it at contact form.

Chat is for fun!
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Become this channel room founder

This channel room isn't registered yet and is AVAILABLE for you. Register it now and becomes its founder.

How to register Nick and Chat Rooms

NandOX IRC Chat Network allows their users to register their nickname to protect them from unauthorized use. The registration process is too easy, you must choose a nickname, provide a password and an email address due security reasons. Email address is used to reset your password if you lost or forget it.

Also, you can register one or more chat rooms, while available and not taken by another user. If you register a chat room, you will be its founder and you will be able to administrate channel's operators. First you must register your nickname to register a chat's room.

Follow these steps to obtain your own chat room:

Nickname registration

Flollow these simple steps to register your nickname.

1) Change your nick

At first time you must change your nickname by the one you want to register. From the main menu select the option "Change nickname". (Figure 1)

Change nick

A popup window will appears asking for new nickname, enter it and hit "submit" button. (Figure 2)

Enter new nick

If the chosen nickname is available it automatically will appears at nicklist (at right of screen). If it's already taken, you must choose another. (Figure 3)

New nickname at nicklist

2) Register new nickname

While using your desired nickname, from the main menu select option "Register nickname". (Figure 4)

Register nick

A window will appears asking you an email address (it must be real while you will need it to reset your password if you forget it at the future) and a password with at least 8 characters. Hit the button "Register nickname". (Figure 5)

Proceed to register nick

At the main chat window you will be noticed if the registration was successful or don't. (Figure 6)

Chat room registration

Follow these simple steps to register a desired chat room so you becomes its founder.

1) Register new chat room

You must stay within the chat room you want to register and has to own yellow hammer at left of your nickname. If you don't has a yellow hammer it means, this room is already taken by another user and you may not register it. From the main menu select "Register channel" option. (Figure 7)

Register room channel

A window will appears asking you a founder password (You will need it to identify as chat room founder later) and a description of itself. (Figure 8)

Proceed to register channel room

At the main chat window you will be noticed if the registration was successful or don't (Figure 9) and your nickname will drop the yellow hammer to take a pink crown (Figure 10) it means you are the chat room founder right now.

Channel room founder

Nickname identify

When you have your nickname registered, every time you join the chat you must identify with your password (Figure 11). If another user want to use your nickname and don't known the password, automatically it will be renamed to "nand_????".

Nickname identify

When you are identified, you will be noticed at the main chat area window as a recognized user. (Figure 12)

Nickname identify ok

Customize chat room at our website

NandOX IRC Chat Network gives a space on its website to every room registered by their users with the goal that the users feel more acclimated to the subject and as a way to promote them.

Customize website channel room

Customization of chat rooms on our website is free but requires the room have at least 5 concurrent users simultaneously to prevent "ghost-rooms".

If you has registered a chat room and it has at least 5 concurrent users and want to customize your URL, please write to us at Contact form with the subject "Channel room customization" and please let us to know:

  • Founder's nickname and take in mind you must write from the same email address that you has registered it.
  • Attach an image with at least 200x200 pixels to be used as logo. We will not accept images with nudity or smaller size.
  • Please specify if your room is official according thematic, in which case it will be identified with an icon alongside its name.
  • Please specify if your room is adult oriented language, in which case it will be identified with a warning.
  • Website address (if it has one).
  • If you have a radio station, we can add an embedded player at your URL if you want, tell us stream URL and which audio format is used.

The absolute URL to join your chat room will be always:

At that URL you will get HTML codes to embed your chat room at your website.

Have fun!
The NandOX Network Staff

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