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Chat of Lobby
#Lobby Official
If in doubt... start chat here!
Chat of Friends
#Friends Official
Our friendly room!
Chat of Gay
Gays community is also welcome here!
Chat of Cam2Cam
Turn on your webcam - cam2cam
Chat of BogusTrivia
#BogusTrivia Official
Are you ready to answer?
Chat of Pokerface
#Pokerface Official
Just play Poker cards here!
Chat of Love
#Love Official
Are you looking for a love?
Chat of USA
United States of America chat room
Chat of Euro
European people chat room
Chat of Sex
"Open-minded" people only!
Chat of Lesbians
Only chicks looking for chicks!
Chat of NandOX
#NandOX Official
Official network chat room.
Chat of Anime
Anime & Manga
Chat of Radio
Radio NandOX - Live
Allow the chat to be a pleasure for all!

Remember in this network is strictly FORBIDDEN:

  • Spam: Sending irrelevant messages or in an attempt to promote something (room or website)
  • Flood: Sending large quantities of repeated (usually) messages.
  • Proxys: Insecure connection sources (Proxys/Wingates/SOCKS, etc)
  • Porn: Exhibition of images of pornographic character of any kind.
  • DoS: Denial of service or whatever illegal activity which attempt with stability of services
  • Insults: Respects and uses appropriate language with other users.

Let's together a better community. If you detect any activity which break these terms you can report it at contact form.

Chat is for fun!

NandOX IRC Chat servers

Did you know? Also, you can join our chat rooms using your favorite IRC client (looksharp para mIRC, Colloquy, XChat, BitchX, etc) just setting the following server address:


Have a nice chat!

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